Mo Mercado Sales Vice President

Mo is an industrial engineer from Southern Polytechnic State University who has worked in the marketing  and sales departments of multiple multinational companies such as UPS and Intel, which has allowed him to learn and understand the marketing business from different perspectives and markets.  After relocating to the Raleigh-Durham area, Mo became an account  manager for All About Beer Magazine which is one of the most reputable and respected publications of beer knowledge in the South East.

At Fortnight, Mo is in charge of coordinating, building and maintaining relationships with all of the wonderful folks who want to purchase and sell Fortnight beer!  You’ll also find Mo participating in different events and festivals to promote sales.

If you are interested in purchasing some Fortnight beer to serve at your bar or restaurant, then Mo is the guy to talk to.  Mo will help coordinate samples and introduce you to our various products to help set up a healthy relationship with Fortnight Brewing.


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