Eric Hilgendorf Cellarman

Eric Hilgendorf ­ Biography

Fortnight brewing

Eric Hilgendorf holds a degree in Architectural Drafting and being awesome, only one of those is
from an accredited institution. While working as an Architect in Orlando, FL he began home
brewing and was hooked, wanting to know and do more. When the opportunity presented itself,
Eric took the giant leap into the world of brewing with the Shipyard Brewing Company as an
Assistant Brewer and eventually Head Brewer of their Brew Pub in the City Beautiful. He took his
next step with the Natty Greene’s Brewing Company in Greensboro, NC where he quickly rose to
the rank of Head Cellarman.

Eric is now using his diverse skills (including massive amounts of useless movie trivia) with
Fortnight Brewing as their Cellarman which involves cellaring, quality control, kegging, and
assisting with brewing. When he is not at the brewery, Eric spends time with his wife, Emily, and
their son, Ewan, watching movies and enjoying the food and culture of North Carolina. Love for
the Packers and cheese runs deep, as is the case with any native born Wisconsin boy like Eric.


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