Quality English Inspired Ales

Fortnight Brewing specializes in English ales. All of our year-round styles are based on traditional English styles and brewed with UK sourced ingredients.

Once our core range is established we will be concentrating on introducing cask ale to the tasting room.

Seasonal and experimental releases are also planned.

Year-Round Offerings

Fortnight Brewing Beer English Ale

English Ale

A classic English “bitter,” this beer is perfect after a hard day’s work.  Low in alcohol and hopped just enough to perfectly balance this delicate, refreshing, and surprisingly full-bodied beer

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Fortnight Brewing Beer Porter


The darkest of our year-round offerings, this beer will take your taste buds on a ride.  From start to finish, many flavors can be detected in this beer.

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Fortnight Brewing Beer Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale

While this beer is light in color, it’s not lacking in flavor.  At 5%, this easy drinking beer has fruity and floral notes with a clean finish.

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Strong Ale

Limited runs/Currently unavailable

For all the malt heads out there.  This beer takes it back with a rich roast layers with light chocolate notes and extremely subtle earthy hop bitterness. This is a limited edition beer.  So scrub the lupulin off your palette with this complex malty beer.


Coming Soon.

English Ale’s big brother.  With hints of figs nuts and biscuit, the ESB is medium bodied with a more pronounced hop bitterness.  Approachable, but not overpowering.

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Coming Soon.

Reaching for middle ground, our US/UK fusion IPA mixed English malts and yeast with US hopping. Amarillo and Simco light the palate with crisp firm bitterness while the UK malts provide smooth earthy undertones

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Seasonals and Special Releases

Keep your eyes open for a variety of seasonal brews that will pass through the brewery from time to time.  The following brews are already on our radar: Dry Stout, Russian Imperial Stout, Golden Ale, and Barleywine, and there will be many more to come!

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